Matt works as a 3D Artist in Visual Effects and Animation in the greater NY area.

From very early in his education Matt has been drawn to Film, Animation and Digital Design. He started by learning Adobe Photoshop and creating Cell and Claymation shorts. This led naturally to experimentation with Computer Animation as a Film Studies major at Wesleyan University. He honed these skills at NYU’s Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA) receiving an MS in Digital Imaging and Design.

Matt has a solid base of knowledge in areas of the CG arts ranging from Visual Effects to 3D Production and Motion Graphics. Additionally, Matt is fluent in MEL and Python for Maya and has begun to use Houdini and write scripts in Python for Houdini. Matt recently finished working on Darren Aronofsky's newest film, Noah, during which he led the team texturing and grooming birds as a 3D Effects Artist at Look Effects in New York City.